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oils and lubricants

Oils and Lubricants - Authorized Dealer







SAE 80W90 & 85W140 / API:GL5
SAF90, 140 / API: GL4
SAF90, 140 / API: GLI
IZCO OIL Gear Oil is an extreme pressure multi-grade gear oil whieh is based upon highly retined minerals oils incorporate extreme pressure additives, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors and anti-foam agents. It is developed for ther lubrication of manual transmission where the manufacturer recommends the use of oil API GI..5 performance level. Gear Oil with mutigrade characteristics give wide operating temperature performance.



GTL, GTL- ATF-3 & ATF - 2 are automatic transmission fluids for vehicles specifying use of Il D — Ill D quality fluids. The high quality base oils and special additive system used in GTLATF 2&3 automatic transmission fluid provide resistance to oxidation. Better frictional properties good low temperature. improved seal compatibility and wear protection. It is compatible with all common seal materials and exceeds the performance requirement of vehicles need Dexron specification and provides excellent driving conditions. ATF DX II & DX III is also suitable as power steering fluid where aDexron 2 fluid is specified.



ISO 22, 23, 37,46,68,100,150
IZCO OIL Hydraulic Fluid help energy Conserving in pump startup mode while providing improved load protection to reduce wear during pump operation. The high Viscosity index makes these products lighter and more energy efficient at room with higher tempratures and high loads operating, the stabilized formula of IZCO OIL provides heavier more productive, and full fluid film viscosity , IZCO Oil Hydraulic Oil provides the highest level of quality performance in a wide variety of transportation and stationery type equipment Stationery type equipment operating in broad ranges on environmental condetions and which operating under severe condetions.
It prevents rusting and corrosion, Recommended for use in hydraulic systems when low toxicity, high flash point and biodegrad-ability
properties are required or desired.



ISO 68.100,150,220,320,460
IZCO OIL Industrial Gear Lubricants are premium grade, multipurpose gear lubricants. They are formulated with a unique extreme pressure additive using an inorganic berate compound, ISO 68, 100, 150, 220, 320 and 460 are formulated with ISO SYN has stocks, IZCO OIL Gear Lubricants provide outstanding protection against oxidation, corrosion and rust protection, These products arc ideally suited for the gear sets exposed to extremely high temperature and loads. The inorganic berate film is composed of compounds that do not adversely with metal. The film forms promptly to provide superior protection and improved thermal stability. By minimizing friction, cooler operating temperatures have been observed, This result in longer gear & lubricant life. They provide excellent wear control even in the presence of small amounts of water.

SAE : 40
SAE : 50 and Numerous API Grades
API :  20W50
API :  10W30
API :  5W30 and Numerous Multidrades
IZCO OIL is an engine oil törmulated from mineral base oils and a balanced additive package. Incorporated to give excellent performance is gasoline and passenger car diesel engines. Build up stronger layer of protection to maintain engine efficiency, keeping your car at its peak for longer.

This is a full synthetic, ultra high performance lubricant for large trucks. It is a low SAPS EURO V compatible Oil and can be used in engines equipped with particulate fillerx. Full after treatment system protection outstanding engine eleanliness and durability.Lower Fucl Consumption & C02 emissions.  
This is Semi-Synthetic ultra high performance Diesel engine oil that meets the highest Performance Diesel Engine. Oil that meet the highest performance standards for heavy trucks. Oil oulslunding engine cleanliness und durability. Very good fluidity at Low  Temperature.





DOT - 3, DOT - 4
IZCO OIL Brake Fluid DOT - 3, DOT - 4 is 100% synthetic brake fluid suitable for all types of hydraulic actuated - brake and clutch system
that require DOT-3,DOT-4 manufacturer's brake fluid recomendationsand it is high boiling and brake fluid meeting current requirements of SAE J 1703 and FMVSS 1160DOT-3, DOT-4 and is suitable for all breaking systems where a non mineral fluid is required. IZCO OIL Brake Fluids DOT-3, DOT-4 offers enhanced performance against water absorption which improves resistance to vapour lock, Mutually compatible with all fluids meeting the same specification, Particularly suitable for used with Anti-Lock Braking System(ABS).

ECO engine Oil exhibits a high level of detergency, discrepancy and alkalinity due to its high TBN and sulfate ash content. It's formulated with high quality base oils in conjunction with the latest additives technology to deliver a high load carrying capacity, excellent oxidation and a high level of alkalinity retention. It is highly recommended for marine and industrial diesel engines including turbo charged
models operating in all type of conditions.

IZCO OIL MP2 & MP3 is Lithium Multipurpose grease pac excellence, formulated from high quality base oil stocks and from a complex lithium soap,with extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additivation. It is very performance multipurpose grease and it is powerfully greasing of roller bearings, articulations, bearings, hubs, cardan joint, cables. Suitable with all types of machinery working under normal or server conditions. Car, Motorbike, marine, Transport, Civil engineering machinery, industry and farm machines. Particularly efficient in most extreme conditions:high temperature, heavy load, humidity, vibrations and / or long duration of use.